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Cooper Basin Gas

Pump Upgrades Make For Significant Progress Towards Commercial Flow Rates –...

Earlier this week, Strike Energy (STX-ASX) announced that pump upgrades on a number of their production testing wells in Pel96 in the Southern Cooper...


Accounting Integrations For Online Stores

Accounting Integrations For Online Stores

So you own and/or manage an SME and you want to branch into online sales.  This is great, you engage a web developer who...
Budget 2016 Company Tax

2016 Budget Company Tax Relief To SME’s

Having received a 1.5% tax cut in the 2015 Budget, small business are set to receive further tax relief.  The 2016 Budget company tax rates...

Personal Finance

How Does A Mortgage Offset Account Work

How Does A Mortgage Offset Account Work

Have you ever walked away from a meeting with a banker or mortgage broker and wondered "How does a mortgage offset account work?"  ...
Life Insurance in Super

Benefits Of Life And TPD Insurance In Super

To many of us, Superannuation is simply a retirement safety net your employer contributes to on your behalf, with the funds seemingly unattainable for...
Find Lost Superannuation

Find Your Lost Superannuation

Imagine this, you work all your life only to discover that you won't receive all the superannuation you should or could have. It's like seeing the light...


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