Earn Real Estate Commissions With Revalu8


We’ve been waiting for a disruptive platform to arrive in the Australian Real Estate industry for a while and we think it might finally be here.  Revalu8 believe they are the “Uber” of the Australian Real Estate industry, and having had a look at their model, we believe that might very well be the case.  This article will explain exactly how you can earn real estate commissions with Revalu8, but first we think it’s best to explain this revolutionary new platform.

How Revalu8 Works

Australian Real Estate sales advertising is a $10b+ a year industry and is dominated by a couple of big players.  Revalu8 is positioning themselves as a completely different model, offering fantastic tools for investors and cash incentives made available via commission sharing and reduced costs.  Revalu8 believes the huge advertising market dollars should be shared with all participants.  Rather than rattle off all it’s unique features, we felt it would be much easier to show you a video explaining how it works.


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How To Earn Commissions With Revalu8

Revalu8 is a member only real estate sales platform, meaning all users must register on the site .  It is 100% free to view and buy properties, and use the amazing investor tools.  This opens up the possibility to earn commissions with Revalu8, by creating a network of people you have referred to the site.  Anyone you refer who visits the site and registers on Revalu8 will be added to your network.

Earning commissions with Revalu8 offers a real income opportunity as both a primary income or passive income.  Their unique referral network is 6 levels deep.  To explain, if you invite John, he is on level one of your network.  If John buy’s a property you will earn a percentage of the sales commission.  If John invites Sally, Sally will be on your level two.  Should Sally invite Tim, Tim will be on your level three.  It goes on this way until it is capped at 6 levels.

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Commission percentages earned drop the further down your network the buyer is. It doesn’t take much imagination to work out just how big your network and potential earnings could be with Revalu8.  The next video is a little longer, but it explains the platform more extensively and includes the network commission structure.  We strongly recommend you watch this!


As you can see, the benefits to the buyer and investor is enormous.  Earning commissions with Revalu8 also offers a great opportunity for EVERYBODY to benefit from this industry changing platform.

How Much Commission Can I Earn From Revalu8?

We’ve already shown how big the earnings from commissions can be, but we’re sure you’d like to know the commission percentage breakdown.

  • Level 1 Referrer = You Earn 7.5% of the Success Fee
  • Level 2 Referrer = You Earn 4.0% of the Success Fee
  • Level 3 Referrer = You Earn 3.0% of the Success Fee
  • Level 4 Referrer = You Earn 2.0% of the Success Fee
  • Level 5 Referrer = You Earn 1.0% of the Success Fee
  • Level 6 Referrer = You Earn 0.5% of the Success Fee

You earn 7.5% of any sales your first level referrals make.  For example you refer your brother and he buys a property, you earn 7.5% of the success fee.  If a level 2 referrer makes a purchase you earn 4.0% and the level 1 referrer who connected him/her earns 7.5%.  For example, your brother then refers his best friend who buys a property. You earn 4.0% of the success fee, and your brother earns 7.5% off the success fee.

When you extrapolate the potential earnings across the possible size of a 6 level network, the commission earnings capacity is huge!

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Keep an eye out for our next article on how investors benefit from using Revalu8 to find the perfect investment for their exact requirements.