Why Installing A Gym For Your Staff Is A Good Idea


As a business owner, you may be toying with the idea of installing an on-site gym for your employees and staff. This is a popular benefit to offer longtime employees and new-hires alike. It can look like a large investment to some business owners, having to purchase commercial fitness equipment, but the benefits easily outweigh the initial costs.

You may be asking yourself why your employees would be interested in an on-site gym, anyway. For one, it’s convenience. A lot of people find it difficult to make the time and effort to go to the gym outside of work hours, even though they want to cut down on excess fat or build muscle. Having the opportunity to get their workout in during their lunch hour, or if permitted, after they’ve clocked out for the day, can be a huge benefit, making it easier to attain those goals on their schedule.

Below we will cover a variety of benefits you’ll start to notice when you install an on-site gym space, complete with the standard commercial gym equipment.

Boost in Productivity

It’s no secret that the healthier your employees are, the happier they are. For any individual, regular exercise at least three days a week will promote mood-elevating endorphins to be released inside the brain. Exercise also helps you sleep soundly, giving you more energy throughout the day to focus on the tasks at hand.

An energetic and focused workforce helps you cut wasted expenditures, increases staff productivity, increases the friendliness and quality of customer support and improves your employee’s overall morale. Suddenly, investing in a corporate gym full of commercial fitness equipment seems like a no-brainer from this benefit alone.

Financial Savings

A book called “Fit Over 40 for Dummies” has cited research on a cost-benefit analysis of on-site corporate gyms. This analysis found that companies who have had commercial gym equipment placed in a dedicated space for employees save on average $1.15 to $5.52 per dollar spent. That’s a huge amount of savings when you think about your current expenditures.

Another side of financial savings from installing an on-site gym is lower long term injury claims.  Workers compensation insurance covers major claims, however management of injured staff is a very real cost.  Fit and healthy staff results in less on-site and off-site work related injuries and the associated costs.

Healthier Work Environment

If your staff are stressed and frustrated, it’s likely that they’re not able to blow off steam during the work day. Having an on-site gym with a full range of commercial fitness equipment can help your employees cool down after a stressful call or meeting. Happy employees provide a higher standard of service, product and are able to easily focus on new information.

Fewer Absentee Hours

Outfitting an on-site gym with commercial fitness equipment can benefit your company greatly by reducing the number of absentee hours. Absentee hours are hours that an employee calls in sick, late or simply doesn’t show up. Regular exercise can improve your quality of sleep, strengthen your immune system and allow you to focus better throughout the day. This means that grogginess and sleeping through alarms will become a thing of the past for most employees, and they’ll be able to plan their commute times better.